Friday, August 24, 2012

Fresh Spring Rolls

These were amazingly easy and quick to make and really delicious. When I decided to make spring rolls for an evening of good food with my friends, I knew that I wanted to make the sort that are not deep fried and full of cabbage, but I wasn't quite sure what they would be like because I don't think I had ever eaten them before. Anyway, there are loads of tutorials on the internet and the end product tasted really good. Plus they've got to be pretty healthy and good for you, considering that all they consist of is rice and vegetables. They are made with something called rice paper, that you can get from your local asian food store. It is hard and sort of plasticy, but then when you dip it into warm water it gets bendy, then becomes soft and pliable, sort of rubbery. It's sticks to itself too, so the rolls stay all wrapped up. The noodles that you fill them with are made with the same sort of stuff - they are called rice noodles and you just dip them in hot water for a few minutes.  I would really recommend these as a quick, healthy evening meal, especially for a hot day, or for taking on a picnic, or serving up as an appetiser to impress your guests.

Spring Rolls

1 packet rice paper
1 packet rice noodles (the really thin ones)
A variety of vegetables sliced really thin - I used bean sprouts, cucumber, pepper, carrot, spring onions and avocado
Some sort of dipping sauce (I used teriyaki)

First, prepare all of your vegetables and the noodles (there should be instructions on the noodles, but for lack of that, if they are the really thin ones, they should just take 3 minutes in boiling water).

Next, take a single sheet of rice paper and dip it into a bowl of hot/warm water until it is bendy. You could keep it in there until it is really soft but you don't have to, so long as it is wet and a little bendy. Then you take it from the bowl and place it on a plate, or other flat surface. As the paper sits there it will magically get softer and become like rubbery paper.

Pile your noodles and vegetables into the centre of the paper. You could either leave them plain and dip them in sauce later, like this one:

Or you could include sauce inside of the roll, like I have done here. I thought it needed a little something extra. But they were really good plain too. Wrap the roll but first folding the paper over it lengthways, to wrap around the filling. Then fold the sides in. The roll it until have a little parcel.

Serve them with some sauces to dip in and enjoy!

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