Friday, June 24, 2011

Spiced Apple & White Chocolate Cookies

As you may be able to guess by the title, the no-baking health-binge has gone out the window already! So soon, because it is Friday and the weather is bloody awful here in Galway, it won't stop raining, so we needed cookies. While I was in Germany I was constantly tempted by the delicious looking giant cookies that they sold at the university canteen, which were actually as good as they looked but I only tried the really chocolatey one. There was another and I didn't know what flavour it was, seeing as I don't speak German and all, but it looked like it had white chocolate and something sticky in it, like caramel. Or possibly apple? I am not sure, but they love their apple strudel over there so I guess apple was on the mind and I thought wouldn't a white-chocolate apple cookie be delicious? Especially if I made them giant cookies? So I googled it but there was nothing that really met my specifications, thus the new recipe below. It is a good one, so say my friends who gobbled them all up. Apparently it rates highest of all my cookies so far. But that's what they always say.

Of course, the one thing that bothers me is that back in NZ my cookies were almost always thin and flat and crispy, unless I undercooked them to leave them gooey. But here in Ireland they rise up so much, which is fine unless you want a flat cookie. Perhaps it is the type of flour I use? Sometimes here they mark flour as plain yet is has raising agents. And while the flour I have says under ingredients 'wheat flour' and nothing else I am beginning to suspect that it does have something else in it, so when you add that to the baking powder that I always use you get twice the rise you expect! Which for a food-obsessed perfectionist like myself is incredibly frustrating. So I guess I will just have to get different flour and make more cookies to figure it out! In the meantime, perhaps there are others out there who are suffering through a rainy day and need cookies so I will come back from my tangent and continue with the point of this whole thing which is of course the recipe!

Apple Cookies

125 grams butter (or margerine), at room temperature
1 cup soft brown sugar (or any other sugar would be fine really)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup rolled oats (or just 1 more cup of flour if you do not want oats)
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda (or baking powder, or use self-raising flour)
1 cup chopped apple (that's an approximation, I used two small apples, maybe you could use one much larger apple)
100 grams chopped white chocolate
100 grams sultanas

First, preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.

Cream the butter together with the sugar until it is well mixed and sort of creamy looking. I will not bother saying until it is light and fluffy because I have never really believed that creamed butter looks fluffy.

Anyway, that is not really the point. The point is that next you add the cinnamon, vanilla and apple and mix it well, then you add the rest of the ingredients. You might want to sift the flour and baking soda, nobody likes to get a lump of baking soda in their cookie. See, it is so easy to make cookies. That is it really. The mixture is very wet, it can not be rolled into balls like other cookies. You could add more flour if you want that sort of cookie but I wanted very chewy cookies. Which is what these are. I should add that to the title probably.

Next, you need a lined baking tray. You could grease it of course but baking paper works so much better. These are drop cookies and I made them as giant cookies so I took a normal dessert spoonful for each cookie, and simply dropped it onto the tray. And then I flattened each on a bit with a fork because I wanted flat giant cookies. For normal sized cookies I guess you would use a teaspoon, and flatten them with a fork. A big teaspoon though, you need a decent mouthful. As I made huge ones only 6 would fit on a tray, and I baked them for 16 minutes per tray. But they were very soft and chewy so they could be left a few minutes longer, say 20 minutes per tray, to get crispier, crunchy cookies.

And that is all there is to it! My invention of the week was very popular and I am so glad it is Friday because tomorrow is a dinner party which means I get to spend the day cooking! My favourite type of day. Plus it is bound to be pissing down with rain so what better amusement then to spend the day by the warm stove? Perhaps such weather calls for soup? But I am getting sidetracked. TGIF, and I hope that somebody out there enjoys my cookies!


  1. I think you might be missing an egg from your ingredients. I followed your recipe and the mixture was very dry, so added an egg and they came out lovely and chewy. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Thanks, you might be right about that, I'll have to make them again sometime - it would depend on how much moisture is in the apples though, these Irish ones are different to what I used to use at home


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